Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hive, you are the best! Thank you for each and every one of the sweet comments on my post about what went wrong on the wedding day. I know that other people have much, more more to complain about than I do, so I really appreciate just laying it out there and getting a sweet response from all of you! I've started a list of recaps that I plan to write (eeek!), but I wanted to talk about a couple more things before we get photos and really start recapping.

If you've been around the 'Bee for a while, you've probably seen these acronyms before. The Post Wedding Chop is something many great bees before me have participated in. Typically, these lovely ladies grow their hair out for the wedding, and then chop it off after. Some chops have been just a few inches (like Mrs. Mink's), some chops have been new bangs (like Mrs. Wallaby's), and some chops have been accidental manglings of gorgeous hair (I'm sorry, Mrs. Cola!). But whatever chop it was, it was post wedding.

I've been growing my hair out for a long, long time. I chopped it one time, and it just never grew back. But finally, it started growing. Hooray! For the wedding, I knew I wanted to leave it down and curled, and with thin hair, we thought we may have to use extensions. Thankfully, my hair proved to be enough, and my hair came out like this for the big day:

Photo by Stacy Able Photography / Our first kiss as Mr. + Mrs.!

Surprisingly, I did have a few friends ask about my post wedding hair plans. Would I go auburn like I always say I want to? Finally allow someone to trim it? Perhaps I would even get really crazy and get some bangs??? Here is my post wedding hair:

Personal image / Photo blurred for coworker privacy

So it's the same. No PWC here! Not even a post wedding trim. I want to keep growing it out, and nobody is touching it. The end!

And for that Post Wedding Depression, well Hive, I do not have it. Instead, I'm relishing being able to use the word husband, ordering furniture (we got a dining room table set!), and working on getting all of our wedding items put away. I do have a few ideas on how to keep the wedding love in my life, but we'll talk about those later. ;)

Did you get a PWC or suffer from PWD? Tell me your stories, Hive!

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