Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wedding Festivities Have Begun!

That's right, hive, the Otter wedding festivities have officially kicked off!

Last night, Mr. O and I picked up the lovely MOH Cubs from the airport and went straight to our favorite place - Roy's! - for some of their legendary breadsticks and Long Islands.

All photos personal.

Let's just say "some" means "a few" and we were pretty excited to find a giant comb on the way back to the car, and even more excited to go shopping in the $5 movie bins.

Today, awake and refreshed, we had some errands to run. With Mr. O, we made our first visit to the florist to drop off two very important items for my bouquet, and to get a glimpse of what would hopefully be peonies. Thankfully, we got them!

After checking out the flowers and handing over the special bouquet items, we grabbed lunch and stopped by an art supply store to get markers for the seating chart and guest book. MOH Cubs and I dropped Mr. O off at home and our "errands" became more of... shopping because we needed new yoga pants for our nail appointments tomorrow. ;)

When we got home, I went to work on putting the seating chart on the window we rented. Thankfully, it didn't take too long and it turned out okay. Not my favorite thing, but it looks pretty so it will do!

The bottom left corner says that if you don't see your name (what I felt was a nice way of saying "If you didn't RSVP"...), please take a seat at table 13. The right corner is:

Fun fact: You can get this as a download from my lovely friend Aubs!

Tonight is Thursday so, obviously BM Blondesquared and I will be watching The Vampire Diaries as usual. BM Jen also arrives tonight, so everyone will officially be "in town" once she gets to our apartment!

Then - showtime! Tomorrow we'll be at the nail salon for most of the day, from 9:30 until 4, and then we'll come home and get freshened up (and changed) for the rehearsal. Dinner will follow the rehearsal, then it's off to the hotel for the ladies where I'll give them their gifts, finally! That's the last thing before bed, and when we wake up, it's wedding day! (!!!!!)

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