Friday, April 19, 2013

My Last Post as a Miss!

Hive, it's time! Time for me to write one last post as a Miss... because TODAY is the big day! It's finally, finally showtime. 16 months of planning, a lot of dollars spent, a lot of highs and lows, and here we finally are.

Yesterday was, for the most part, very laid back. We spent a good portion of the day at the nail salon, enjoying mimosas, inappropriate conversations, and lots of laughs. (I mean, obviously lots of laughs if the conversation sways towards inappropriate. ;))

All photos personal / At the nail salon

After the salon, we encountered the hectic and very, very stressful part of the day - trying to pack my car not only for the wedding but also for Chicago. Unfortunately, the weather really wasn't in our favor the past few days, and several inches of rain rendered most of our main roads closed. As in, instead of five routes to the venue, we were down to one. It was a road I hadn't ever heard of, so trust me when I say that I was pretty skeptical while driving on it.

Thankfully, it was open and we arrived at the venue! Hooray! Even though the weather was horrible (spitting snow, sleet, and cold rain plus winds at 25mph), everyone hung in there and rehearsed both inside the reception space and outside at the actual ceremony site.

We left the venue to head to dinner (I'll recap that later, promise!) where we gave our parents their gifts and generally just enjoyed each others company. The main roads were all finally opening back up, so thankfully our guests shouldn't encounter the same problem today. I transported my dress in to my car, and we were off to the hotel for the night where I gave my lovely ladies their gifts.

Then it was off to bed for us.

Now we're up getting breakfast and preparing for hair and makeup to start soon. EEEK, hive, I can't tell you what I'm feeling right now - I'm not sure there's a word for it. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, happy, sunshine-y (yes, I made that a word), and so much more. There is so much love in my heart, I can't believe that I marry Mr. O today!

Mr. O - see you at the end of the aisle! ;) Hive - see you on the other side!

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