Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm back, and I have a husband now!

Hive! I have a HUSBAND now. How crazy is that!? First, the good stuff - the photos!

(All personal photos, unless otherwise noted.)

My dad's welcome toast - which I clearly couldn't hold it together for.

With our amazing photographer, Stacy.

Father/daughter dance.

One of my little girls breakin' it down on the dance floor.

Photo by Stacy Able Photography / This is what we're calling our "magic" photo, which was actually various people running around us with sparklers and us trying really hard to stand still and not laugh. :)

Pitch Perfect happened. No, we did not plan this, but yes, it was awesome.

While I'm waiting on our professional photos, I have a few posts for you. I have one coming soon that will just talk about the bad - the few things that went awry, and a few tips for those of you still planning. It will be pretty short, because I'm happy to say that we were blessed with an amazing day from beginning to end. I don't have words to describe how genuinely happy we were throughout the day. Mr. O says it was an absolute celebration, and I agree. We loved it, and we loved having our family and friends there with us to celebrate!

See you soon!

Mrs. Otter ;)

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