Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A surprise wedding shower!

Hive, my heart feels so incredibly full. My wonderful boss + coworkers kept a secret for AN ENTIRE WEEK and managed to throw me a surprise shower on Tuesday. I cried, of course. I also tried to back into Mr. O, but he shoved me forward where I hid by my boss lady until I could pull myself together. I am so happy and blessed to work somewhere so amazing.

And of course, my boss did a wonderful job of gathering all my favorite things. Not only did we have Chic fil A for lunch (om nom nom), but we also had cake AND cupcakes (yes, those count as different things) and part of our gift was my favorite wine.

I truly have nothing else to say - just a big, big thank you to my coworkers and boss for planning something so wonderful for me. I am NOT a surprise person but this truly made me so incredibly happy! Plus, it was a great way to spend my last day of work before the wedding!

A card everyone signed for me, so thoughtful!

Let's just say there was some talk of how much wine can fit in that.

I was obsessed with the ampersand paper - DIY project for after the wedding.

Thanking my wonderful boss for such a great surprise!

Boss lady + super sneaky party planner

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  1. This is so cute and fun!!!! What amazing co-workers you have!!!