Thursday, April 25, 2013


Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Neither are weddings. So in the interest of being totally honest and candid, I'm getting the what went wrong out of the way right now - and then I'm not looking back.

I believe that all brides want their day to be amazing. Not perfect, because I think most brides realize that there's no way the entire day can go perfect. It just can't. But it can be amazing, beautiful, and more than you ever imagined it could be. We were blessed enough to have a day like that. Thankfully, there were only a few things that truly disappointed me on our wedding day. (Okay, and one the morning after, so I cheated a little on my list, but oh well!)

I'm not including this in my wedding recaps because honestly, I don't want to remember these things. I want to remember our beautiful day, and let these things go. So I'm getting them out, and then I'm going to do my best to let them go. And as a quick disclaimer: I was never drunk, so these are real feelings. I did have a few drinks, but after having a whole glass of wine (!) spilled on my dress, I strayed away from the alcohol.

Photo by Stacy Able Photography / Our Otters! You'll see more of them...

First and most importantly, there is one thing we probably won't be able to easily forget but we do want to move on from. We had some very important people that we had reserved seats for in the front row (because they are that important to us) that didn't show up. To be fair, the person missing on my side did come to the reception, but [he/she] wasn't present at the ceremony, which was the most important part of the day to us. It was truly heartbreaking to realize that for whatever reason, [he/she] just didn't get there in time. For Mr. O, there were a few seats reserved for his family members. I can't speak on his behalf, but I do know that he had to be calmed down before walking down the aisle because he was so upset at their last minute cancelation. (And I thought it was those pre-ceremony jitters when I saw him in the waiting area, wrong!)

Second, I was pretty disappointed that at a few points during the day, it became the [other people that weren't the bride and groom] show. There were a few moments where I honestly felt like it didn't matter if I was present or not, which was really sad. I honestly believe that a lot of this did come from the alcohol consumption. While I was enjoying wine, I didn't enjoy how strong the mixed drinks were so I strayed away from them for most of the evening. To be blunt: I wasn't on that level of drunk. Unfortunately, a few of the guest photos absolutely capture these moments because all you can see is my dress in the background where I'm trying to participate, but I clearly can't get in. (I don't know if Mr. O ever felt this way, this one is all me!)

And lastly, the morning after, the only wedding party members and close friends of ours to attend breakfast was the best man and SIL. Two other members of the wedding party talked to us in advance about not attending, so that was fine. I'm cutting this down just to say that yes, there were some hungover people. There were also some who weren't hungover. Regardless, they didn't show up. And it was pretty disheartening to me because I still felt like that was part of the celebration!

So that's it - those are my main gripes. There were a few tiny things that weren't fantastic, but they weren't even worth mentioning in comparison to the big things. And like I said, we had a beautiful, amazing, more-than-we-could-ever-dream-of day. But with any big day, there are bound to be some bumps in the road, and those were our bumps.

For those of you who have already had your wedding, what were your bumps? 

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