Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Marriage License: we haz it!

Under two weeks to go and another item checked off the checklist! We officially have obtained our marriage license. :D

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, we actually got our marriage license a couple of weeks ago. I got out of work early and realized that it would be a perfect time to go get our license all taken care of. One thing you must know is that I have some *ahem* connections, if you will, with our county clerk's office. That connection is the one and only Momma Otter!

She warned me early in the day that going to get our marriage license would probably result in some frustration because they had been super busy that day. Thankfully because of our connection, Momma Otter just brought us back to her desk and filled everything out for us there.

(personal photo // our official marriage license and Momma Otter!)

Filling out all the paperwork was pretty funny though, because it turns out Momma Otter didn't remember where she was born. ;) Oops! We got everything filled out, though, and without the wait in line it only took us a few minutes. 

There may also have been some thoughts of just running upstairs and getting married right then and there, too. Suffice it to say that along with the RSVP dramz, there have been a few other "WTF" moments that made us think maybe we should've eloped after all...

(personal photo // texting with Mr. O)

But of course, we aren't eloping. It's just a nice thought when things get crazy. ;)

Now for some advice: what did you do with your marriage license? The pretty version, to be more specific. Momma Otter suggested putting it on some parchment paper, one of her coworkers suggested framing it. We haven't decided so tell me - what did you do with your marriage license?

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