Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bride Brain: I haz it.

Dearest Hive,

I come to you today confused. I have suddenly – very suddenly, if I may say so myself – become one of those brides with the infamous “Bride Brain.” I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly, I have it.

In trying to come to terms with what I’ve now identified as the classic bride brain, I began Googling what exactly bride brain is. I mean, if you read the Urban Dictionary version, it basically says that you’re wedding obsessed and crashing your car by staring at your ring. While it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that some brides do, in fact, exhibit these symptoms, that’s definitely not the kind of bride brain I’m experiencing. Instead, I have the can’t-define-it-because-it’s-multiple-symptoms bride brain.

First of all, hive, I’m having full on wedding nightmares. They’re nuclear meltdowns that seem to revolve more around Mr. O not wanting to get married rather than the actual event itself. Oh and all these meltdowns take place in completely normal circumstances. In my most recent dream, I was at a recent work function when I got a phone call letting me know that Mr. O was no longer interested in the whole marriage thing. That particular night, poor Mr. O woke me up from that nightmare to find me sobbing inconsolably. That is very, very unusual. Typically I’m so knocked out that I don’t remember my dreams, much less start sobbing so loud that I wake the Mr. up.

In addition to those nightmares, which are just so joyous – I’ve started pushing things off, with my deadline looming, of course. My goal and solemn promise is that ALL of my wedding to do list will be finished by April 13th. That includes everything from final payments (only one left!) to wrapping gifts to framing photos, and everything in between. With exactly one week left until the wedding, there will be nothing on my check list. To make sure I’ll actually stick to that rule, I’m not doing anything after the one week mark unless it is critical. That means that if it isn’t done, it isn’t done, and so be it. *wipes hands* If I allow myself to continue coming up with things to do, I’ll never stop! So at one week to go, I’m officially handing everything off to our lovely DOC, Alison, and letting her take it from there.

The final symptom (or rather, I hope it’s the final symptom!), is my complete impatience. Now, by nature I’m not very patient, so it’s really no surprise that as the date looms closer, I’m slowly losing not only my sanity but also my semi-patient attitude. Instead, I want this wedding to be here now. We’ve been planning, saving, and paying for so long (16 months!), and our time is finally getting so close, but we’ve still got a couple of weeks to wait. Sigh.

I know I’m not the only one with bride brain, so tell me, what were/are your symptoms? Any way to make this craziness go away!?

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