Saturday, April 6, 2013

Checklists GALORE!

Two weeks, hive. Two weeks is what we've got until one of the biggest days of our lives. Mr. O and I are on the downward slide towards the wedding day and I couldn't be any happier about it!

(personal photo)

Right now, my life (as well as Mr. O's) is filled with checklists. I have lists for everything from emails to return, calls to make, items to finish before next Saturday, and things that still haven't been started for one reason or another.

But, like many Bees before me, I've also set the week rule. One week from today, I'm handing everything over to our DOC, Alison, and letting it go. If things aren't finished by next Saturday, then I'm not doing them. I think that's the best method to ensure that instead of running around like a crazy lady, we just enjoy our last few days before the wedding.

The one exception to this rule is our photo frames. We're having a memorial table at the wedding for our family members + my best friend, Kir, since they can't be physically with us. We got these beautiful frames:

(photo + frames by ThePaintedLdy)

...but unfortunately, I don't have all the photos I need yet and the frames haven't actually arrived yet. Thankfully, this is an easy task, so we'll get it done and taken care of as quick as we can.

What did you do in the last two weeks leading up to your big day? Did you have a cut off date to finish things by?

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