Monday, April 15, 2013

A Last Minute Project

By last minute, I mean, before my deadline. Yes, hive, I did it! At one week to go, I successfully completed everything I needed to complete! (!!!!!) The only thing I have left to do now is call about balloons. That's it! Everything is ready for Saturday, and now I'm just hoping that the weather stays on our side and the temperature (right now mid-50's) continues to rise. (It was 43, so we've already gotten 10 extra degrees!)

But enough about that - more about my last minute project.

My inspiration was a pin I'm sure you've all seen:
Photo (and palette) via Etsy seller lovinmyboys

Now as pretty as this is (and I think it's really pretty, hence why it became one of my projects), I just wasn't willing to pay $100 for something that I wasn't sure I would ever find another use for. Our photo frames? Sure! I'll pay for that set. But this board, I wasn't so sure about. Instead, I asked Daddy Otter to create a palette for me!

The first one he made, I actually couldn't find the photo, so we ended up with this:
Personal photo // me with Daddy Otter and pup sister Zoey

Obviously, this was super cute! I loved what Daddy Otter came up with. Eventually, though, I found the photo and though I told him the original was fine, he made me another one. (Yes, I win in the great dad department!) 

When it arrived, I decided to sort of replicate the original but sort of not because I couldn't actually find the pin at that particular moment. Oops! But I still think it turned out pretty good:

Personal photo // the finished product!

Now, looking at it, I notice immediately that there are some imperfections. Let's just say I didn't get the stenciling thing down until I did our last name, and I overcorrected a little on the left side of the heart. BUT - it's a small touch of DIY, it was done by my deadline, and it's going to look great!

The plan is to put big, big balloons on it and stand it near the road to help direct people into the venue. Of course, we'll also be taking photos with it! ;)

So, what do you think!? Last minute project, but I think I did okay!

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  1. I LOVE this! I have one pallet sign.already but may have to make this as well! So pretty!