Thursday, April 4, 2013

RSVP Dramz.

Oh, weddings. While intended to be days full of love and celebration, weddings bring out the crazy in people. It seems that even the most sane of people go totally off the rails in the months leading up to a wedding. While I’ve touched on the crazy before (and no, I’m not linking, I want to pretend these things never happened!), today I’m talking about those things. Yes, the RSVPs.

Let me tell you something about RSVPs – I never knew they were so complicated! I thought you receive an invitation, you look at your calendar, perhaps take a few other steps like talking to your place of employment and family members, and then you respond if you will or will not be attending. Oh, hive, let’s all laugh together at how wrong I was!

Personal photo / You see! I was excited to send these!

You see, I sent out our invitations in February with a RSVP date of March 1. (We also announced our date way back in November of 2011, so this was the more formal invitation.) The reason behind this was simple: first, we have OOT guests that would need to travel and second: I personally like to plan really far in advance. So to me, I would rather get your invite now than later so I can plan accordingly. That’s just me, but I know I can’t be the only Type A crazy, so out they went!

I used a ton of precautions, you guys! I used a black light pen to note who the RSVP card belonged to. I wrote in the number of seats reserved myself, so there was no confusion on who did and did not have a plus one. In instances where I knew that someone may be neglect to respond, I included a personal note about how excited I was to hear back from them. We also gave people the option to email rather than mail something back, so they didn’t even have to leave their couch to RSVP. And yet…

March 1 rolls around and I realize that, try as I had, I did not have all of our RSVPs back. I extended the deadline until the 15th and split the list of individuals to call between myself and Mr. O’s parents, since I don’t know most of his family members. And yet, on March 15, we still had people that didn’t respond. No email, Facebook post, or phone call was enough, these folks just weren’t responding, no matter what method we used. Oh well, I said, tossing my hands up in frustration. I guess they aren’t coming, I exclaimed as I put them down as a no in my RSVP spreadsheet.

It wasn’t that people couldn’t make it that bothered me – it was that they wouldn’t RSVP! My feelings (probably) won’t be hurt, but just let me know one way or another! Despite these claims, there are people we still haven’t heard back from.

Did anyone else have people who just… never responded? Or was I the only one to be that lucky?

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