Monday, May 6, 2013

Otterly In Love: The Girls Get Pampered

Hive, it's time! After a short break to start writing our recaps, I'm back, and the recaps are ready to go! And before I begin, I must give two very special thank yous out. First, to Mrs. Armadillo, for being sweet enough to make the Otterly In Love graphic you'll see at the bottom of each of my recap posts. I never could have made something so cute (she even gave Mr. O glasses!). Thanks, Mrs. A! Secondly, to our amazing photographer, Stacy, who got our pro pics back to us in two weeks. TWO. WEEKS. I was fully prepared to not-so-patiently wait, but nope, not the case! Thanks, Stacy!

And on to the recaps... Let yourself travel back in time, to a day not so long ago...

On the day of the rehearsal, the ladies and I spent the day getting pampered. We spent our day at Chateau Bijou, a local spa and salon. They took on our group (which was pretty big compared to the size of the actual nail area of the salon), let us bring in food and drinks (lots of drinks!), and fully indulged us in our inappropriate conversations.

(All photos personal)

(I don't usually like pedis, but whatever these feet things were, I loved 'em!)

(BM Jen inspects her new shellac.)

(MOH Cubbie tries to hide for photos, but is quickly reminded that that night and next day, there would be no hiding! *evil laugh*)

(You can always tell when BM Blondesquared gets ahold of the camera - you get great photos like this one! (And does anyone remember my nail color post? Yep, I went with pink! This shellac looked almost exactly like the discontinued, but much loved, Mod About You.))

(Momma Otter loves pedis!)

(BM Blondesquared and I enjoying mimosas and Sun Chips, which have proven to be quite the excellent pairing.)

(BM Jen was our entertainment throughout the weekend; as you can see, she gets very animated when telling stories.)

(Everyone knew how excited I was to officially change my name, and my sweatshirt was a lovely opportunity to be comfy AND wear my almost name...)

(Almost everyone in the same shot!)

(I call these girls my forever friends, I couldn't imagine my big day or my life without them!)

While our day was super fun, we did have one not so tiny hiccup that came up. You see, after lots of rain, the county was flooding. Bad. I can think of four ways off the top of my head to get to our venue - and every single one of those roads was closed. At first, I was very mellow. I told everyone there was nothing I could do - "What am I gonna do? Suck the water up!? No!" - but that calm became panic when I recalled that it wasn't just those of us in the room who would be trying to get to the rehearsal. No, we had family coming from up North (both close and far) and how would they get to the venue!? I never really lost it, but I came close to tears.

Thankfully, Daddy Otter and FIL Otter saved the day and recommended two other paths to the venue. But what if those weren't open... then what!?

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