Sunday, May 19, 2013

Otterly In Love: I Become A Bride

Hive, I have to tell you. As much as the emotions hit when I was wide awake at 4AM, they hit hard when I had my veil put in. I'm not sure what it was about the veil rather than the hair or makeup or people going back and forth from room to room, but for some reason when I put that veil on, I just felt like a bride. In that moment, I felt another rush of emotion - this is it. This is me, getting in to my dress. Right now. I couldn't believe the time had finally come!

(All photos by Stacy Able Photography.)

And for honesty's sake: I have to say that in this photo, I just wanted to open my damn present (hence the veil in but no dress look that I have going on). See, I knew that in the other room, Mr. O had already opened his gift, and I was anxious to open mine. But nooo, I couldn't open mine until I was in my dress, and I couldn't be in my dress until everyone ELSE got dressed. I believe it was at that point that I started saying "get dressed, get dressed, you guys, come on, get dressed." I knew the moms would change in the bathroom, and I knew K (mom of the little ones and also one of my favorite people in the whole world) would also change in the bathroom. The ladies though? STRIP! We're all ladies, and quite frankly, I wasn't interested in seeing lady parts or who was changing where, I just wanted everyone to get dressed. 

(My thoughts: is this real life?)

(MOH Cubs and Momma Otter get me in the dress - finally!)

Another memorable moment from the day: I don't remember who said it, but when I got dressed for the sake of everyone in the room who was watching, I left my bra on until I had my dress on. Someone exclaimed "I love the black!" ...*crickets*... that's when Stacy explained that I still had my bra on and that was going away, haha.

(The details: my pretty dress, gorgeous ring, and a peek of my bird tattoo.)

(Ow ow! BM Blondesquared assisted with putting on the garter. ;))

(And BM Jen assisted with the shoes.)

And just like that - we were all dressed and ready to leave for the first look! (Okay so technically after I got ready, we exchanged gifts, but I got excited and things got out of order. Oops!)

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