Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Otterly in Love: The Girls Get Pretty

After my (mostly) restful evening, the alarm started going off, signaling that finally, the day was here! We all got up and dressed in our best worst (some of us didn't even have shoes to wear that weren't heels... oops!), we went downstairs to enjoy the complimentary breakfast. MOH Cubs and I ate the lightest, only going to eat bacon. This was the calm before the storm, y'all. We had that hour or so to just chat, talk about strange things (as per usual with us), and prepare for everyone to arrive. And once they did, things got crazy!

(All photos by Stacy Able Photography unless otherwise noted.)

The first on the scene were our hairstylists - my aunt and her coworker, as well as my cousin to lend a helping hand. Originally, it was going to be just my aunt doing all of our hair. Thankfully, she is much smarter than me and brought extra help!

Just a few minutes after, Jillian (who will forever be my makeup artist!) and her assistant arrived to do our makeup. I can't say enough great things about Eyemax Cosmetics, so if you're an Indy bride, make sure to check them out!

(Personal photo / Momma Otter was SO excited to get airbrush makeup done!)

(Personal photo / Another great photo by BM Blondesquared. I love that you can see my new initials, too!)

So remember when I said that flower girl TK was exactly like my brother, and flower girl Minnie was my mini (hence her nickname)? While she was watching everyone get their hair and makeup done, TK was running around and just enjoying herself. Getting her to hold still for makeup required bribing her with sushi, of all things. :)

(Personal photo / TK was not loving the makeup experience.)

(Personal photo.)

(Personal photo / TK is smiling because sushi is the reward for sitting still...)

(MOH Cubs just loves it. ;))

Earlier, I mentioned that we ended up with two rooms. While we would have needed two rooms anyway (one for the ladies and one for the guys), my original plan was for the ladies to have a suite so we would have a fridge and extra table space for hair and makeup. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as planned so we ended up in two rooms next door to each other. But that being said - it worked out great!

We designated one room the "neat" room for the guys to take photos in, so we had to keep it looking nice. We tried not to sit on the beds and not to disturb anything that didn't belong to us (so no rearranging the furniture or anything like that!). To make it easier on all, we had hair in one room and makeup in the other. This worked out awesome because not only did we have plenty of table space, but it also gave us all something to do when it wasn't our turn in one of the chairs - going back and forth to see what was going on. 

It ended up working out perfectly... at one point, though, I found myself laying across a bed to take a photo and exclaimed "you guys! I'm breaking my own rule about the neat room!" It was pretty funny. And okay, especially funny to me because whenever I make myself laugh, I laugh even more. I'm weird. :)

(It takes a lot to make us look pretty!)

(Minnie sits and gets her makeup done without complaint; I'm telling you, this little girl is exactly like me!)

Up next: The Guys Get Ready.

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