Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Otterly In Love: We Exchange Gifts

PREZZIE TIME! Hive, I love prezzies. I also participate in Chrismukkah, because, as Seth Cohen explains, it is "eight days of presentsfollowed by one day of many presents". But that's a story for another time.

After the guys got ready and I officially became a bride, the guys were kicked out of the room so Mr. O could open his gift in private.

(All photos by Stacy Able Photography.)

While I did get Mr. O a card (letterpressed and everything, so fancy!), I thought that it would be more meaningful to write my note to him in our notebook. Our notebook is something we've been doing for a while now... maybe a year or so? It started as a fun way to leave each other a little note and became a catch all - somewhere to jot down a quick memory or story, a place to say sorry for leaving all the lights on (as I so often do), or just to say I love you if we missed each other one morning or evening. It was really a last moment thought, as we were leaving the house for our nail appointments, it was sitting out and I grabbed it, ready to write down a few words for my soon to be husband.

And then on to the real gift...

See that blush, hive? I love it! And I can say with 100% certainty that he enjoyed his gift. Stacy, a talented photographer in every way imaginable, also takes boudoir images. After much debate and many pep talks, I decided if not now, then when? If anyone can make me feel comfortable, it's Stacy. And if anyone can make what problem areas I think I have disappear, it's Stacy. So a boudoir shoot it was! 

Way back (okay, not that long ago), on Valentine's Day, I told Mr. O we were checking in to a hotel for a nice little stay-cation. We're not Valentine's Day people. We do dinner, and that's usually it. Even more surprising to Mr. O, it was a Thursday, meaning I would miss my beloved TV show. But little did he know that the next morning would actually be spent visiting Jillian and Kristin at Eyemax for a blowout and airbrushing, then meeting Stacy at the hotel (the very same hotel that he opened his gift in!) for a photoshoot.

(Blushing! One of my favorite qualities about Mr. O.)

As a quick aside: I have to tell you, I thought long and hard about revealing a photo from Mr. O's book. They are, by far, the most beautiful photographs that I've ever seen of myself. I don't just like these photos, I absolutely LOVE them. I think they capture so perfectly exactly what I was going for - something elegant but still something that Mr. O would look at in 10 years and say wow. 

But, with that being said, I also was repeating my constant mantra in my head - once it's on the internet, there's no going back. Well, this photo resides on Mr. O's beside table, and since I recently took photos of our bedside tables, I realized it's already out there. So hive, here it is, on the bedside table:
(Personal photo)

If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot - DO IT. I talked myself in and out of it so many times leading up to that day, and then finally, I just did it. About five seconds with Stacy was all it took to get me out of my shell. And the outcome? So worth it. Whenever I'm feeling down about my body, I just look at a few of these. Confidence booster, right here.

Now moving on! Since everyone in my room was finally dressed, it was my turn to open my gift! Mr. O had told me in advance that my gift was sentimental, and that he wouldn't give me any hints because it would ruin it. This drove me absolutely CRAZY! I hate surprises, and I hate them even more when they're dangled in front of me. Finally it was time to see what all the fuss was about!

As soon as I removed the tissue paper I knew, and I completely lost it. The very small card said "back to where it all began" and wow, did he bring back the memories with his gift. I thought mine had hit it out of the park but Mr. O shocked me to the core. 

In my gift, I had our first date movie (Fool's Gold), mints (that I eat by the bag to this day, I'm obsessed with them!), and puppy chow. The puppy chow goes even further back to a thunderstorm-y night where a few girlfriends stayed at my house and the power went out. I asked Mr. O to go get us some puppy chow and come over. For years after, we would debate as to if you could purchase pre-made puppy chow (YOU CAN! HA!), but that night, he was unable to find any, and instead he actually made it for us. At some odd hour in the morning. And then hand delivered it. He's a keeper. ;)

(Since my gift was much less sensitive, the ladies got to watch while I ugly cried.)

....Oh, but not until after I put deodorant on in the elevator because, you know, I forgot. (Scroll up, scroll down. Yep, same girl, I swear!)

With the gifts unwrapped and the ugly tears cleaned up, it was time to head to the venue for the first look!

Up Next: The First Look!

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