Thursday, May 9, 2013

Otterly In Love: A Reverse Shower

After whisking ourselves to the hotel, I believe we immediately overwhelmed the desk clerk. I mean, you can't blame the guy. Four girls (SIL T was with MIL O on her way over) pull up in two cars jam packed with lots of bags, a huge wedding dress, a steamer, and several bottles of champagne and then they expect you to find a solution to their luggage problem. We were a hot mess, freezing, and ready to get our asses inside! 

We unloaded, got the cars parked, and made our way up to our two rooms. This was not so much planned, but rather was more of a called-too-late-to-get-a-suite... then realized that still wouldn't have worked because the boys needed a room to get ready in, too. So two rooms we had, and we separated our stuff out and got comfy so I could shower them in gifts.

These ladies had done so much for me throughout the planning process. My besties were there through the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the "I can't wait!" days and the "I hate my arms so much I want to cry" days. It was only logical that I would shower them with gifts just as they had showered me with gifts (and love!) a few months before.

(My life right now is Arrested Development, which none of them watch, so I was trying to explain how this shirt IS Arrested Development, without even saying anything. They didn't get it. I gave up.)

This night easily produced some of my most memorable quotes from our rehearsal and wedding days. The first came when trying to hang my beauty of a dress. Standing on the bed, I wasn't tall enough to reach the glass window pane thing, and I thought I was going to break my neck. (So did poor Alison, our DOC, who had just come down to grab a few things, not see me fall!) 

At that point, I exclaimed "Blondesquared, WHY AREN'T WE STUNTING!?" Blondesquared and I have been cheering together since way back in middle school, so the first thing that came to mind was just to toss her up on my shoulders and let her do the dirty work of hanging the dress. But alas, I didn't think of that until after the dress was hung up. 

And let's just say, some of us (cough MOH Cubs and BM Jen) were not cheerleaders and thus did not understand how dumb it seemed to us that we didn't think of it sooner. ;)

And the next memorable moment. Blondesquared has a thing for things that smell good. Candles, soaps, you name it. She loves spreading candles around her home, so I knew I had to include one in her gift. When she pulled the candle out to smell it, she said "It smells like man and sex!" This caught on and has been repeated many times since...

As mentioned earlier, BM Jen is the entertainment in the group. So when I saw slang flashcards? I was ALLLLLL over those. She proceeded to read many of them aloud for us, both because they were hysterical and because she knew MOH Cubs was dying to open her gifts... which she couldn't do until BM Jen finished. That's best friend torment, right there.

"Does mine smell like man and sex?"

After one group photo, we divided into our separate rooms and laid down for bedtime. The next day promised to be crazy, and we wanted to be at least somewhat well rested...

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