Friday, May 17, 2013

Otterly In Love: The Guys Get Ready

Well, hive, you may have noticed in my last post about gifts that everybody was already dressed... Oops! I might have skipped a post or two about getting dressed in there somewhere, so here's the first!

While the girls were getting pretty allllll morning, the guys were hanging out at the Otter apartment, watching TV and playing video games. They had pizza delivered for lunch, and then came to the hotel. From there, it took them a good ten minutes to get themselves ready for the day. TEN MINUTES! Compared to the ladies, they had it so easy! No hair, no makeup, and they could totally destroy their room because the purpose of keeping it nice was for them.

(As a funny note though: notice the Aldo box in the shoe closet? Yeah, BM Blondesquared really wanted that and it got left behind. Oops!)

All photos by Stacy Able Photography.

Another memorable moment: when BM Billygoat when to get his tux (suit? tux? We were never sure.) he text Mr. O to tell him how "classic" it was. "Classic" quickly became a buzzword, and this picture reminds me of that every time I see it! 

(Q: How many Otter dads does it take to get the groom ready?)

(A: Two.)

(Daddy Otter left to his own devices steals a bouquet instead of being pinned. Oh, Daddy O.)

Up Next: Things are all out of order, so you'll just be surprised. ;)

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