Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Stuff We're Skipping: A Wedding Website

Oh hi, hive! Remember me? (Probably not - that's okay though. ;)) I think with just over 100 days (WHERE HAS MY TIME GONE!?) to go, it's time to start talking about the things that we aren't including in our wedding. Or wedding planning, in this case. Today, I'm talking about why we aren't having a wedding website.

Websites by MyWedding / Photo by Matt Ramos Photography / How cute are these!?

So initially, I just assumed that like most other couples that I know who've recently gotten married, we would have a wedding website. We'd share the engagement story, more details about the wedding day, places to stay and things to do while guests are in town - things like that. Pretty much the "norm" of wedding websites these days. 

I also thought I would allow guests to RSVP online. While I know there are some guests who won't utilize that method, I thought - why not? Speaking personally, I know it would be a lot easier for me to hop online and RSVP than it would be to mail something back in - I would forget about it! So that was my plan... or so I thought.

After talking to Mr. O about the RSVP situation, he said he really didn't think his family would utilize that function. Then after a closer look at the guest list, we realized that over 90% of our guests would be from the area - they won't need our instructions on where to stay, or what they can do for entertainment should they choose to stay in town rather than go home at the end of the night. I also realized at that point that I would be spending quite a bit on postage only to have them be tossed if they used the RSVP function online. 

After that realization and a little more discussion with MOH Cubbie, we decided that maybe a wedding website wasn't necessary for us. Even something premade, like the cute ones above, didn't really seem necessary the more we thought about it.

So that was it - no wedding website for us. (And more time for me to get back to the Bee!) 

Did you have a wedding website? If so, what was the reason you decided to have one?

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