Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ceremony Details: Silence

Actually, just a moment of silence.

We have three grandfathers (both of Mr. O's and my pappy) who have passed, and won't be present on our wedding day. Also missing will be my best friend, and now precious angel, Kirsten.

Personal photo / Kir and I during school one day

Kir passed away in December of 2006. I was a sophomore in high school. Anyone who has lost someone close to them can attest to the fact that it never gets easier. To this day, Kir is always on my mind. Even little things like shopping trips where I find something and think "oh that's perfect for her!" So to not have her standing beside me at my ceremony is just as devastating as my pappy missing. 

While we've planned some special ways to remember those who can't be with us, we've specifically designated a moment of our ceremony for those loved ones. Just a simple moment of silence. I know that this will probably cause the waterworks to begin, if they haven't already, but it's not something either Mr. O and I are willing to skip. 

Deciding how to incorporate our lost loved ones into our ceremony was a difficult decision. Even with the other memorial items we have planned, it doesn't quite seem like enough to me. And quite truthfully, I'm not sure anything will ever be enough, because of course we'd much rather have them physically there with us rather than be deciding how best to incorporate their love for us into the day.

If you have lost loved ones, how did you remember them on your big day? I'm open to any ideas!

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