Monday, January 14, 2013

Ceremony Details: A Rainy Day Plan

Ah, the weather. Is it just me or does everyone worry about the weather on their wedding day? There were a few factors that went into our choice of an April wedding. First, we didn't want too long of an engagement. 16 months has been plenty of time, anything longer would've made me too impatient. Also, I really, desperately want peonies. That meant April or May. Lastly, the weather was very important for us to consider because I pass out when I get too hot. As in eyes roll back, fully faint, on the ground pass out. So summer months were out. With fall out because of a long engagement, summer out because of the heat, and a desire for peonies - spring it was.

Then comes one of those weird quirks that some people (no, just me?) have... I really don't like odd numbers. Exception: 23. But being married in 2013 was enough odd numbers for me, so we (okay, I mostly) decided on April instead of May. After that, it was easy - it would either be the 6th or the 20th, because we wanted a Saturday wedding.

Now, the 6th is special to us. Mr. O's birthday is June 6th, mine is December 6th. We started dating in June. But I wanted to set our wedding apart from these other dates, so the 20th it was.

But less of my weirdness and more about the weather: according to one version of a long range weather forecast, the weather in "April ... will be warmer and drier than normal, with an especially warm first half of April." Well, the especially warm part doesn't help since we're in the last half of the month, but at least it seems we may espace the rain, right?

We have a rain plan (move everything into the barn, which will already be set as the reception space - simple!), but I do have some concerns about our rain plan.

First, there will be people coming in and out of the barn to get things set up while the ceremony is going on. We hired pros, of course, so I'm sure that they will know what to do should the situation occur, but still - it concerns me that there may be food being set up while we're actually having our ceremony. Another concern is the setup of the actual space; some guests may not be able to see because there are pillars throughout the space. Again, I'm sure that guests could move their chairs around as needed, but it still crosses my mind.

For those of you who had a rain plan, how did you accomodate everyone? And is there anything else I should be thinking of?

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