Monday, January 21, 2013

My (Not So) Little Girls

Hive, I have so much to update you on! So excuse me if I jump around a little bit; I just have too many things to share! First of all: about my little girls. They aren't so little anymore, but let me explain.

Instead of having flower girls or a ring bearer, I wanted to include my favorite little girls. These two babies have been so important to me since... well, since they were born! It's a bit of a running joke in our family that my brother and I were with them so much that each one of them could be our twins. And it's completely true. :)

Personal photo / K and K

K, the one on the right in this photo, is my twin. We are exactly alike in so many ways, and I tell everyone that I know that I taught her everything she knows. ;) Examples include a love of cheerleading and taking way too many photos. I love these two babies, who obviously aren't babies anymore, and I wanted to make sure they were included in the wedding. Since we weren't having flower girls, I decided on an alternative.

Photo (and signs) by Etsy seller 4TheLoveOfHannah

I thought this would be a great solution to make sure my girls were included and felt important, but without having them be traditional flower girls. I know that having them around is going to be a joy for me, and I'm so glad that both of them are excited to be in the wedding. :) 

If you didn't have flower girls or a ring bearer, did you do something unique to incorporate your favorite kids?

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