Friday, January 4, 2013

The Stuff We're Skipping: Removing the Garter

Okay, you guys. I'm all about traditions - I love them. I love making new ones and having old ones that I can rely on. I love seeing all the different traditions people choose to incorporate into their wedding. But from day one, there was one tradition I knew I would be modifying - the garter toss.

See, I love this part:
Image via / Photo by B.Wright Photography

And I hate this part:
Image via / Photo by Apple Moon Photography

Hate is a strong word. I know. And I know some people LOVE this tradition. Heck, I love this photo - I think it's hysterical. But the idea of Mr. O with his head up my dress in front of all our family and friends? In front of my father? Let's be real - HELL. NO. I'm sorry, but just no. 

But I love the toss. And I'm tossing flowers. So while I'm not skipping this tradition, I am modifying it. Instead of him removing my garter (and probably making me cry of embarrassment), there will be one wrapped around my toss bouquet, just waiting to be thrown into the crowd. I'll also be wearing one under my dress. Because like I said, I love the tradition, just not the removal. 

So we're taking a hard pass* on that one, but still incorporating part of the tradition in our big day. I think that's a good compromise. :)

What traditions did you choose to skip on your big day? If you did the garter removal, did you have any qualms about it like I do?

* Anybody catch that movie reference!? 

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