Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's talk about crafts, baby

Let's talk about you [Hive] and me, let's talk about the [not] good things and [definitely] all the bad things that may be*... I would keep going but really this isn't working out as I hoped since I have to keep adding words. ;) I think you get my point though, hive. Today, we're veering into Crazyland; aka: the world in which Miss Otter thinks she can conquer a craft.

I make the comparison here to Alice in the meadow, right before she sees the white rabbit. In a world of my own, I'd be able to do crafts and they'd be Pinterest worthy - of course - and they'd be beautiful and perfect (or at least close to it) and that would be a wonderland.

Before you scroll down, you must look at the inspiration photos I shared. So now after seeing the inspiration photos, I give you these. The table numbers. If they're even worthy of being called table numbers, given the outcome.

After taking these first few photos, I realized that the red paper I had used to modge podge the numbers on might make it difficult to judge the quality of the numbers.
These two still aren't quite the right color of paint, but I think you get the idea. Giant craft fail.

What was your worst craft fail? (Make me feel better please!?)

* For those of you who guessed that I was referencing Pitch Perfect when I said hard pass, you were right! I was also watching it while "crafting," hence my lame introduction.

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