Friday, January 25, 2013

First Dress Fitting!

Another thing checked off the list: my first dress fitting! (And a fair warning: since I'm not sharing my dress until after the wedding, there are no dress photos. I'm sorry!)

I have to be honest with the hive, so here goes: I wasn't that excited about my first dress fitting. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't experiencing dress regret or getting cold feet - nothing like that - instead, I was worried about how I would look in the dress. Particularly, my arms and upper body. I think that most women have insecurities about their bodies and mine are numerous. I don't like my stomach, I'm not a fan of my outer thighs (if I gain an ounce, that's the first place it goes), and quite frankly: I hate my arms. They're by no means "fat" (though I am guilty of using that term when I talk to friends), but they definitely aren't in shape like they used to be. Too many years of skipping workouts and eating fast food have added up, and I was super nervous that at my fitting, I would be so preoccupied with my body image that I wouldn't care at all about the dress.

Thankfully, once I was in the dress, my attitude changed quite a bit. Things like having the a fitting  appointment make me realize just how quickly time is flying by. Before we know it, April will be here and I'll be counting mere weeks rather than months.

A post-appointment reality check from Best Friend J also helped. When I called her complaining about my arms, she told me to be realistic because nobody is going to look at me and notice that my arms look bad. They'll be too busy taking in everything else (including my wonderful dress!) to care what my arms look like.

Personal photo / Best Friend J, for future reference

A little more about the logistics of my actual fitting, haha. I managed to get into my dress by myself (which won't be happening on the wedding day, of course) and put on my shoes. When I walked out, Momma Otter had a few tears again, but recovered much more quickly this time than when we actually purchased the dress. ;) *Awww Momma Otter* After that, we had a bit of waiting time so I practiced sitting down in my dress, a logistic I didn't really consider when purchasing my dress. 

When it was time for my fitting to start, we pretty quickly realize that we would have one major issue - I'm going to be going from 5 inch heels to no shoes. After I have my dance with my daddy, the heels are coming off. I love them too much to get them any more dirty than necessary, plus the girls and I already discussed taking our shoes off to dance the night away! Unfortunately, this meant that I need my dress to fit both with and without 5in heels - quite the task.

Ultimately, we ended up deciding to go as high as we could without showing off the underside of my dress. (Can't give away any details! ;)) This means that I'll be pretty comfortable without shoes, and I'll have to pick up my dress when I walk, but I think it was the best solution for an otherwise complicated issue.

Tell the truth: did you have any insecurities when you went to your first dress fitting?

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