Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mr. Otter has a ring...

...that he can't wear until April and even though he'd probably rather I didn't share publicly, he was super pouty about it when he got it and couldn't wear it. I can't blame him - I want to wear my band already and I have an engagement ring! But it was still pretty funny. ;)

In my first post talking about the Mr.'s ring, I showed a few different styles that we didn't love, and two that we did. Not surprisingly, Mr. O decided on a ring that was one of the two I used for my post.

Personal photo / The ring!

Personal photo / This must be his model pose... ;) 

Shopping for his ring was surprisingly simple. We went in to the jewelry store, looked around for approximately five to ten awkward minutes waiting on someone to be available to help us, and then finally looked at a few different rings. While he did try on both the lighter and darker alternatives, he ultimately decided to go with the in between finish. Like me, Mr. O tends to get bored of things that aren't "normal" for him after a short time, and we can't let that happen with his wedding band!

We ordered the ring that same day and it arrived less than two weeks later. Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit him and we had to send it back out to be sized. NOW - let me tell you, I was just waiting for him to say something about them sending it out and having to wait on it to come back in (since mine had to be sent out twice), but he's smarter than that and didn't make much of a comment.

It came back in again and this time, it fit perfectly! Another task to check off my list.

How long did it take you and your SO to choose their ring?

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