Monday, December 3, 2012

The BM Dresses: Revealed

Ah, hive! The day has finally arrived where I can reveal (most) of the mismatched BM dresses! You see, I have had most of the photos for a while, but then I forgot to save BM Blondesquared's photos, so I had to get them again. Oops. :) 

Remember, this is the idea of what we were going for:

While I never wrote a full post about it, I talked a little on the boards about how I really wanted dresses the girls would want to wear again. I know it's cliche to say, but I really didn't want them to hate their dresses, I didn't want them to spend a ton on them, and I wanted it to be something they could wear to work or another event. My only request was that they stay in the champagne/tan family, and to keep them short and affordable!

Thankfully, affordability wasn't a problem at all - all of the girls got their dresses for $40 or less! In fact, MOH Cubbie got her dress at Forever 21, so she even got a second option! I'm a little in love with all of them, especially the first two, so let's just say if they don't end up wanting to wear them again, I won't mind taking them off their hands. ;)

And here they are!

Now, for those of you that noticed BM Jen is missing - she hasn't quite selected a dress yet. Or a side. She may be team Bride, or team Groom. Who knows! We don't care either way, so I'm letting that detail slide until the rehearsal.

As for shoes - MOH Cubbie and BM Tara have the same shoe, BM Blondesquared has an almost exact copy (which she is wearing in one photo), and BM Jen doesn't have shoes yet either. ;) But since she is so much taller than us already, she may end up choosing to go with a shorter heel.

So that's the reveal - what do you think!? I love the variety of styles and colors - I think they're all going to look great together!

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