Wednesday, December 5, 2012

*Drumroll please...*

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I love organization and if my closet space allowed it, I would hang everything. (In order of length and color within length, of course.) Unfortunately, this particular closet doesn't allow me my fair share of hanging space, so instead I've had to *shudder* fold some of my stuff. I'll come clean - not having to fold things is the main priority in hanging clothes. It's much more difficult to color coordinate when things are folded... sigh.

Anyway, when it came time to think about a hanger for one of the most significant pieces of clothing I'll ever wear, it was obvious I was going to get something special. (Okay, so wire hangers have been done a lot, but that doesn't make it any less special to me!) 

There were so many options...

Image (and hanger) via Etsy seller Designsathome
The thought process here was that I've always said I'll only get married once; therefore, I would only be a bride once. Shouldn't I get the bride hanger to enjoy the title for the day?

Image (and hanger) via Etsy seller HandcraftedAffairs
For this hanger, I loved that it included the date, a heart, and a special flower detail at the top. What made me decide this wasn't the one was that my dress has some intricate details, so I didn't want to take away from the dress too much by having a ton going on with the hanger.

Image (and hanger) via Etsy Seller CustomWeddingHangers
Again with the hearts - I love them! What changed my mind about this one was that it would be the full date. I'm not a huge fan of odd numbers, so having that 3 at the end made me a little less likely to choose something with our date on it.

At the end of the search, I think it was pretty obvious to myself (and anyone who knows me well, ;)) which hanger I would go with. The classic Mrs. HisLastName. I'm ecstatic to change my name, so it didn't come as too much of a shock that I would choose the last name hanger. 

Yes! My hanger, custom made by Amber at MyAmberColouredWorld. I was very back and forth on if I should capitalize the letters or not but eventually decided not to, and finally placed my order. A few weeks later, my hanger was on the way, and now it's displayed in our bedroom just waiting for the big day. ;)

Did you get a custom hanger for your dress?

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