Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two Sweethearts, One Table

I know, I know - I'm not clever. At least I try right!? ;) Today, we're talking sweetheart tables. Before I talk about the table, though, let me talk more about the decision making process.

Like many bees before me, when I started thinking about all the things you must know before you get married, I thought it would be beneficial for us to read Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages. I know how I give love to others, but when it came down to my preference in receiving love, I wasn't exactly sure how my results would come out. After reading the book and taking the assessment, both Mr. O and I scored the highest in quality time. Given how we enjoy spending our time, the results did make sense... which leads me to table talk.

Given that our preference is spending quality time together, we wanted to ensure that we had moments of our day built in that would give us that quality time - special moments for just the two of us to enjoy without any pressure. Since we're having a fairly small wedding, we plan to skip the receiving line and visit with our guests after we finish eating. We also considered that if we had a more traditional head table, we would be talking to some of our favorite people, but not necessarily each other.

So - a sweetheart table it will be! Not to mention... I love the look of a sweetheart table in photos!

Image via Style Me Pretty / Photography by Allie Lindsey Photography
This is my standout favorite, I've even started looking around for similar letters!

Image via Every Last Detail / Photography by K and K Photography
Another beautiful option, especially if we can't find any letters we love!

For practical reasons, we're going to have a four person round rather than a two. This will allow us room to display my boutique, have our Mr & Mrs letters, and ensure that I have plenty of room to not spill on my dress. ;) 

What do you think? For married bees that did a sweetheart table, did it work out well for you?

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