Sunday, November 11, 2012

Now instead of later

As I write this post, there are only 160 days until our wedding day. According to my calculator (because I really, really can't do math), I have a little over 5 months left until the big day. When you factor in the upcoming holidays and birthdays, that number shrinks even further. In my rational mind, I realize that before I know it, our wedding day will be here.

But in the other part of my mind, the part that even I don't really understand sometimes, I just want to be freaking married already.

Yes, I want to walk down the aisle at our beautiful venue with my dad, wearing my wedding dress, surrounded by friends and family, and say those vows that promise so much. I want to exchange rings, and be announced as Mr. and Mrs. HisLastName. I want the gorgeous photos and the even-better memories that just can't be captured on film. But I would also be lying to the hive if I said there hadn't been a few days I just wanted to toss my hands up and say let's just go get married, already.

We've even discussed it. How could we make that work, both with vendors and with the family members that we have to have there? We've talked about different options, about how we could go about pushing the wedding up (or changing our vision for the wedding totally), but ultimately, we realized that most of this urgent desire to be married now, now, now comes down to my own impatience. We chose April for peonies (okay, Mr. O didn't care about the flowers ;)). We chose a spring month because I pass out when I get even the slightest bit hot. Essentially - all of our decisions were made for a reason. So why would we change all that just because I get impatient to be Mrs. Otter on occasion?

Well, we wouldn't. Or, we aren't, to be more accurate. But even as I'm planning the wedding, I'm researching homes. I'm looking at how to go about buying a home, what our credit needs to look like, and how to choose a school district. Oh, and the b-word. Yep, the Otters talk about babies. So while I'm planning for soon (the wedding), I'm also trying to plan for later. And while I love that we're organized and have plans, I also want us to enjoy this time. While we're just engaged and while it's still just the two of us.

Planning bees (or married bees!), what helped you to slow down and focus more on the now, and less on the later?

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