Monday, November 5, 2012

Engagement Photos: The Inspiration

So now that we've officially booked the lovely and (obviously) talented Stacy for the wedding, we found ourselves in quite the predicament. We get a second engagement shoot included in our package. I was thrilled, kind of like a puppy about to get a bone. More pictures!? WHEN? WHERE? *Crazy eyes* Mr. Otter wasn't nearly as excited as I was, but no way was I going to miss a session with Stacy!

Plus, a second session means all new inspiration! So with that in mind, I started the hunt for some new (to us) ideas.

Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Sweet Little Photographs via \ Mr. Otter loves his ties, so if I put him in a tie, I'm sure his enthusiasm level will rise. ;)

Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Sweet Little Photographs via \ I love how radiant she looks, like she's truly happy!

Downtown LA engagement shoot palm trees pink balloons highway freeway LA traffic brown wedges
Photo by: Sweet Little Photographs on Inspired By This via \ I love the balloons!

Photo by: Stacy Able Photography \ There are those macaroons again! ;)

Photo by: Stacy Able Photography \ I love the colored hearts in the snow - what a fun way to add color!

Photo by: Stacy Able Photography \ And again with the red shoes - I love the pop of color in the snow!

So our plan are to get some bright colored balloons and wear outfits that have pops of color in them. While we're going for a "winter" theme, but with Indiana weather, you never know if you'll actually have winter weather or if there will be snow on the ground. 

For those of you who had a winter engagement shoot - what tips do you have? Any certain colors I should be on the lookout for when I inevitably go shopping for outfits?

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