Friday, November 9, 2012

The Otter Invitations: Design Time

So if you'll remember where we left off, I had found a few bits and pieces to incorporate into our invitations, but nothing that I was completely in love with. With that in mind, I ventured on over to Pinterest, where I had been collecting ideas for... a really long time.

And just like that - there it was. The invitations that we would buy! They were unique, they had the wrap around labels, and while there were a few things, I didn't love, I thought I could work with designer to change it up a little to further customize them for us.

Photo via Impressed Inc. / Invitation design by a friend of the bride

But alas, these invitations weren't for sale. I even commented on the post, asking if the designer had an Etsy store or some other means of comment so that we could talk about these invitations. I wasn't the only commenter - many others felt the same way about these invitations, but as recently as a few weeks ago, there was no update made regarding the mystery designer behind the invitations.

So what's a girl to do!? Create our own, of course. When MOH Cubbie generously offered to do the design work for us, for free (!), I took her up on it and about an hour later we had a preliminary design. This also gave us the opportunity to change the things that I didn't love, like the "I do" "Me too" bubbles. Actually saying "I do" is a big deal to me, so I wanted that to be reflected on our invitations. Cubbie also made a graphic for us, the interlocked anchors with a heart, so we could incorporate those into our paper items. I was pretty set on having the black invitations with hot pink writing, like our almost-color palette for the wedding.

Cubbie and I chatted for about an hour, and then she sent this proof on over to me:

Personal image / Design by MOH Cubbie

Okay... so that looks very similar to what we were going for, but along with this, Cubbie had sent her own version of the invitation which customized it even further. A completely different color scheme, as well as some design changes that Mr. O especially fell in love with. Now, while I can't reveal the invitations until they're actually sent, let's just say that we didn't end up going with the proof you see here... ;)

Any guesses about how our invites may turn out?

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