Thursday, November 15, 2012

A private last dance

I have to admit, I've been reading the 'Bee for much longer than I've been engaged. When I was in college, and interning for a wedding venue, I spent so much time on wedding websites that it was no surprise that I had lots of ideas about what I wanted in my wedding. After talking about how we value quality time together and the idea of the sweetheart table, I remembered another important moment: our private last dance.

Elegant pink and black wedding 58

The first time I came across the private last dance was the lovely Mrs. FroYo. Then last year, right around the time my engagement happened, Mrs. Elephant and Mrs. Jaguar wrote about their last dances. I knew then that I had to remember to include a last dance in our wedding plans. Thankfully, I haven't forgotten. ;)

So our plan, assuming that the lovely Indiana weather cooperates (wishing and dreaming here, hive, because Indiana weather is crazy), is to do a sparkler send off. We'll have our DJ Brett ask guests to head outside to prepare the sparklers, and then our DOC Allison and her assistant will help usher guests out. As soon as most everyone is out and the doors start to close, Brett will start our last dance song. It's just over 5 minutes, so it should be plenty of time to hand out sparklers and get them lit. 

And since there was just a sparkler send off last weekend at our venue (!!!), we got to see a couple great photos of how it will turn out... weather permitting. 

Photo by Bobbi and Mike / shared on their blog (with lots more photos of our venue ;))

So what do you think about the private last dance? Do you plan on having one - or having another special moment for you and your new husband?

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