Friday, November 23, 2012

Absent Bee

Hive! I've missed you. HUGS! Hugs for you all!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way - I have news! You see, the reason I've been an absent bee is because I got a new job! Now, for those who may not have noticed yet, I suffer from a lovely combination of OCD and anxiety. Severe anxiety. So to say my nerves were frazzled after being offered the job (a dream job, really!) is putting it very mildly. I was a hot mess, bees. 

The first day was rough on my nerves, the second day was considerably better, and while I didn't feel 100% comfortable on the third, I didn't cry at all. (Yes, when I have an anxiety attack I start sobbing. It's horrible, trust me.) Because of the holiday weekend, I only worked three days my first week - but I'm excited about the job, I like the people, and I'm even getting used to being awake at six in the morning! 

So basically - all is well with the Otters. :) 

Now, I have to catch up on everything I missed. While I do that, you should read about the private moments I've planned for Mr. Otter and I on the big day so you're up to speed when I come back talking about first looks. ;)

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