Friday, June 15, 2012

The Venue: Part 3

After the post about our venue requirements, then the post about the horrible tour we took, I'm pretty sure that you guys probably thought I was lying about finding the perfect venue... I wasn't! And today, I'm finally sharing.

Our venue is..... Mustard Seed Gardens!

To say Mustard Seed Gardens was our dream venue is an understatement. One of my mom's coworkers suggested it and I am so glad she did!

What put Mustard Seed on our list to tour was the barn, hands down. I really wanted a barn, and the location just can not be beat. Speaking with Megan, the event coordinator, confirmed our thoughts that this was truly the perfect venue. A great price, the ability to bring in our own (affordable!) caterer, and the fact that my emails were answered within the same day? Amazing. Touring the space only further confirmed that we wanted to have our wedding there.

What sold us on the venue?
  • The space and venue itself, first and foremost. It is priced very reasonably and they have a discount for rentals that will make those more affordable for us. There is a ton of parking and it's very conveniently located.
  • We LOVED that it's a family business. I really felt that both Mark (the owner) and Megan (his daughter/the event coordinator) cared about our event and answering my 5 million questions.
  • We love the gazebo, and what really stood out to me was that we could do 360 seating if we wanted to. Even better? We didn't bring that up, Mark did. That assured me that they're on top of the current wedding trends and willing to work with us on whatever we come up with.
  • Lastly, the venue was just what we were looking for in that it was simple and rustic. It doesn't need a ton of decor to make it look pretty, because it is gorgeous without any decor! Our vision of decor and flowers really fit right in with the venue.
And now, photos! I took some on our tour, and even though they're a little dreary due to rain, I think it's still a great representation of our venue!

The bridal preparation area - the boys will be outside in a totally different structure prior to the wedding.

Here is where I will process (from the door behind Mr. Otter) through this screened in porch...

...then go through this arch to our ceremony site...

...this gazebo!
This is the reception space: the barn! When I took these photos, they had just started their renovations. 

After all the renovations, the barn won't have a ceiling and will only have a partial second floor.

This photo was taken standing in the barn entry, looking out on the property - including the ceremony area!

When we were finished with our tour, Mark let us sit down and ask him the long list of questions I still had. Most I had answered by Megan via email, but I still had a few to ask during our tour. While we were talking, this kitten and Mr. Otter became fast friends. :)

So, obviously we're in love, but what do you guys think about the gazebo and barn!? 

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