Friday, June 15, 2012

And the winners are...

The winners for what, you ask?

Personal image / Created by Mr. Otter

We picked our wedding colors! Gray, gold glitter, champagne, ivory, and blush.

Here's what happened: we've had wedding colors in mind for quite some time. They weren't actually wedding colors, but more like "our" colors.... that we would totally incorporate into a wedding. Philip's favorite color is gray, always. Mine is actually black, but since most people say that isn't a color, I'll say pink is my favorite. (There was also a certain something I wanted to incorporate into the wedding or my dress that makes pink very important... but more on that later!) That settled it for us: black, gray, and hot pink it is.

Well, it was. Until I started seeing mismatched dresses. In my mind, I see the guys in gray and the girls in black. But then I realized that my dream of mismatched dresses wouldn't pop quite as much if all the dresses were dark.

And then, I started seeing images like this...

Image via / Photo by Jill Thomas Photography

So because of those lovely ladies (and a few others that caught my eye on Pinterest), we've changed our color palate!

I've fallen in love with these neutral, mismatched dresses. I think the look wonderful - and I love that the girls all look beautiful on their own but still look like one cohesive bridal party.

Now, I personally think that allowing the girls to choose their own dresses (with approval, because I'm too type-A to say I'll see it when I see it) is really nice and allows them to pick out something that they *gasp* might actually WEAR AGAIN. But some people think that it's crazy I'm not making everyone match.

What do you guys think? Crazy or nice? And come on, you can admit it, if you got one of those dresses, you would totally wear it again!

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