Friday, June 15, 2012

We have a photographer!

And not just any photographer, we have the greatest photographer: the lovely Valerie Carnevale. (It's totally fine to be jealous, I would be too.)

Here's how we chose Valerie: I've seen her work in photography for several years; everything from senior portraits, to weddings, to family photoshoots. We were friends when we were little kids and still are friends now. But most importantly? I trust her. I know that Valerie is going to take GORGEOUS photos, in her own style - the style that I've fallen in love with.

And another huge plus? She's creative. When we discussed where we should take our engagement photos, I suggested the spot we got engaged, and then she offered a few more places she wanted to try out. She's totally game for trying new things and so are we - a perfect match!

But enough talk from me - here is a sampling of her work, which more than speaks for itself.

All of the following photos are courtesy of Valerie Marie Photography - she sent me a selection of photos to use for the Bee and I had to narrow it down... it was NOT an easy task!


I think the photos speak for themselves - but which are your favorites? As I start to put together our shot list, I'm sure that some of these will be included! 

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