Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm a flower child at heart

A while back, my FMIL and I got to go and meet with Stacy and Melissa of Design Group to get a quote for our FLOWERS! I've said over and over again that I want something simple and I stand by that - the flowers will be simple, but gorgeous! 

What some of you may not know about me is that I'm very much a flower child. I maintain that though I love all things tech and social media, the essence of my soul was meant to be living during the 60's - enjoying The Beatles live, attending Woodstock, not showering (and that being completely acceptable, haha) and wearing flowers in my hair every day. Since that isn't the case, I've taken the flower child in myself and tried to throw that essence into the actual flowers for the big day.

Now, for those shaking their heads at me for not doing it myself: there isn't a lot that I plan to DIY for the wedding, simply because I think some things are best left to professionals, and the florals are definitely one of them. I tried my hand at helping with florals a couple times during my internship at a wedding venue and let's just say: they weren't pretty. Someone else often had to fix my attempts at floral art so there's NO WAY I'm taking on that responsibility for my own wedding day.

I jokingly warned Mr. Otter and my FMIL that Stacy and Melissa were going to LOOOOVE me because I had a Keynote presentation all prepared with my inspiration photos as well as VERY detailed instructions (down to how many corsages, bouquets, what color I wanted them wrapped in, and etc.). I meant it sarcastically but guess what? Those photos and counts made our meeting go by super quickly and it was painless. I knew exactly what I wanted and instead of having to poke and prod me for answers, I laid it all out and they double checked my counts and details. We were told to expect a quote in about a week, but because of how much I had already prepared for them, they were able to get me a quote the very next day!

Now, on to the inspiration photos!

Image via / Photo by Emily Steffen Photography / Flowers by The Bride and MOH (Impressive!)

The bouquets will all be as similar to this as possible. Mine will be the largest, then the BMs will get a similar configuration, just smaller. I'm really IN LOVE with the way this looks both in the coloring and variety of flowers, so this was an easy pick for me.

Image via Nicole Hill / Photo by Nicole Hill / Flowers by Mayflowers

And on to the boutonnieres - I love Lamb's Ear, so that was a requirement. When I came across these, I knew they were the perfect compliment to the flowers the girls and I will be carrying. Hopefully the men don't mind a little blush in their wardrobe. ;)

And on to the centerpieces. Again, I felt like these colors perfectly complimented the other flowers and I love that the twine adds a little something extra to the mason jars. One of my concerns initially was having two centerpieces, just based on the fact that I really, really don't want a cluttered table. But they assured me that the table won't be too cluttered, and even demonstrated by sitting some jars on the 2 person round we were meeting on and they were right - it definitely won't take up a ton of space on the table, leaving the table open for guests to feel like they won't knock anything over or feel like they can't converse because of our centerpieces.

My only disappointment is that they cautioned me that peonies may not be available. I'm fine with garden roses (especially considering that most can't tell/won't care about the difference) but I still want those peonies. So everyone cross your fingers for me!

Is there a non-negotiable flower in your wedding dreams? Or am I the only neurotic peony stalker here?

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