Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Engagement Photos!

The following is 30-something photos out of the 248 we received. That was my best effort at narrowing it down. I've also managed to narrow that down to 25 I want printed... The problem is I want them GIANT to hang in our room... so I can only choose three or so, theoretically. That's going to be a problem. But moving on...

Shooting with Valerie was SO FUN. It was just like an adventure around town, especially when we had to kick people out of the spot where Mr. Otter proposed, haha. Unlike me, Mr. Otter isn't all about photos, so I was surprised to see he actually had a fun time when we were shooting. It was also fun for me to get to see Valerie's engagement ring in person since she is freshly engaged!

We had a great couple of hours with her, the photos are beautiful, and I am 100% confident that we couldn't have chosen anyone better to photograph our wedding day. And rehearsal. And maybe the shower, though I haven't actually booked that one yet...

And now, on to the photos! 

* All of the following photos are by Valerie Marie Photography.

(Our true relationship colors coming out? Haha, this is one of our favorites!)

(We call this the Mr. Otter chair. Very convenient!) 

(Team pride!)

Now you can see why it was so impossible for me to choose favorites! Which of these photos do you like best?

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