Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi, I'm Melissa and I have OCD.

I'm pretty OCD about things, in case you haven't figured that out yet. Even down to the smallest things, like my nail polish. So my nails for our wedding day are no laughing matter - this is something I'm actually putting thought into!

The facts:
  • I am obsessed with nail polish.
  • Oh, and with painting my nails.
  • And with getting Shellac manis, because they are the best.
  • I'm also extremely indecisive about little things. Normally when I'm trying to pick out a nail polish color, I make Mr. Otter come in the bathroom with me and I give him options and he chooses. I almost never use the one he tells me to but hey, at least a choice is made, right?
If you guys don't believe me about my nail polish obsession, take a look at my current collection:

Personal photo / Now you can see how serious I am!

So for the wedding, there are going to be a ton of details that nobody but us care about. One of the ones I care about is my nail polish color. Why? Because I always notice everybody else's and I'll well aware that even years from now, I'll probably notice what color my nails are in our wedding photos.

Thankfully, though, this decision isn't the hardest - they'll be Shellac, for sure, so I don't have to worry about chips happening. But what color? The options are: a basic black (my favorite color) or something similar to the sadly discontinued OPI Mod About You. (Just FYI: you can still get Mod About You on Ebay!) 

Photo courtesy of Never Ending Obsession / Polish pictured is OPI Mod About You

My favorite color is black, and it matches everything, so it's not surprise that black is in the running. But the pink matches our overall color scheme for the wedding. So which to choose?

I (obviously) need opinions. Thoughts? Though, fair warning, I may just decide and then you'll be like Mr. Otter wondering why you gave me input to begin with. ;)

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