Friday, June 15, 2012

The ring and (my enemy!) resizing.

Oh, the ring. *SWOON* (Feel free to scroll right down for some ring porn!) After the proposal and announcing the engagement to our friends and family, the ring went to get sized. I was so pouty about the whole thing. Looking back now, it was embarrassing how upset I was that I had to give it away for TWO WHOLE WEEKS to go get sized.

Mr. Otter ordered my ring in a size 6, the same size as my promise ring. But for some reason (the extra metal and diamonds, presumably) it didn't fit quite right. It really, really drove me crazy that the fit wasn't perfect. By perfect, I mean I had a finger muffin top, which I didn't like. It was even more difficult for me because I get hot VERY easily. So even when I'm just sitting somewhere, my ring could be fine one moment and then unable to remove from my finger the next. How frustrating!

So off it went a second time, to be re-resized. This time, instead of letting the jewelers tell me the "best size" for my ring, I told them what size I wanted the ring. Not a 7, like they suggested, but a 7.5. This was because even at a 7, I wouldn't have been able to wear both my band and e-ring together - it would still cause the little muffin top that I couldn't stand to begin with.

Time ticked by... two weeks, then another half of a week... Finally, after reading one too many horror stories online (okay, fine, and on the forums!) about letting these chain stores resize rings, I asked Mr. Otter if he would call and ask if my ring was there. Guess what? IT WAS! (See, I used one exclamation point, but what I really felt was more like !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We picked up the set and they fit PERFECTLY together. In fact, they are just the tiniest bit loose. Perfect! Wearing only my e-ring right now, it spins quite a bit, but I don't mind because I know they fit together just right! We had them sized from a 6.0 to a 7.5 (over the course of two sizings) and I'm very happy that they FINALLY fit correctly.

Personal image / I can share several more, of course. ;)

So, I know I'm not the only girl who had to give up her ring to have it sized, but now I have to ask: did anyone else have to get your ring sized more than once? Please tell me I'm not the only one who acted just the slightest bit pathetic when you had to give your ring up for sizing...

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