Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Otterly in Love: The Toasts and The Dances

Warning: this post is PHOTO HEAVY! Okay, you've been warned. ;)

When we left off, Daddy Otter had just given his speech, and it was finally time to eat! We'd been waiting since our tasting to finally (finally!) enjoy that delicious food, so we had no problem being the first ones to go through the line. After everyone had gotten their dinner (okay, or in our case, their first plate...), it was time for more toasts.

Up first was Cubs. She was a bit nervous, so she wanted to go first and get her toast out of the way. Cubs talked about how we're twins, how great it is being twins and making Mr. O crazy, and compared our driving to that of Ricky Bobby. In all fairness, it's a pretty fair comparison. ;)

(All photos by Stacy Able Photography.)

Up next, it was time for Batman. His name is Batman, so I knew deep down inside that there would be a Batman reference regardless of how hard I tried to stop him. He delivered, hive. Of course. But it was hysterical, as was the rest of his speech. Later, Batman told us it was a lot longer (hence the notebook) but he didn't want to make Cubs' toast seem short, so he kept his short too.

After Batman was finished and hugs were exchanged, it was time for dances with our parents. This was something I had been dreading, in the very best way possible. Every wedding I've ever been to, including the ones I worked where I didn't even know the couple, I've cried at the father daughter dance. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold myself together! And of course, I couldn't.

One of the cutest moments of the wedding, by far, was when my baby (second) cousin crawled right out to me when our DJ announced that it was time for the father daughter dance. It was adorable!

Look at that happy little face! :D

We danced to a... well loved, if you will, song. I asked Daddy Otter to choose a song for us to dance to and while I had a few in mind myself, he chose Butterfly Kisses. He couldn't have picked anything better. To keep things within reason, we shortened both songs.

Both mommas have happy tears here!

She strangled me, as she later admitted. Oh and what's that thing in her hand? You'll see soon!

Mr. O and my MIL also danced to a well loved song, My Wish by Rascal Flatts.

Since we chose to shorten the songs, this part of the night went by pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was time for some surprises...

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