Monday, July 15, 2013

Otterly in Love: Daddy Otter's Speech

Oh, hive. Just writing this post has me crying all over again! After we had our first dance, it was time for Daddy Otter to welcome our guests. Early on, I had asked him if he would do this for us and, being the great daddy he is, he accepted. What I didn't know that early on was how emotional his speech would make me! My heart was so, so incredibly full listening to Daddy Otter.

(Photos by Stacy Able Photography.)

"Hi, I'm Aaron, the beautiful bride's father. I just wanted to thank everyone for attending Melissa and Phil's wedding. I'd also like to specially thank those of you that came from out of state to attend.

Melissa asked me to do this and I was driving down the road trying to think of what to say, and all of a sudden I thought 'There's a fool born every minute', and I'm not referring to Phil, some other poor guy was born the same minute as Phil and he's probably just married some woman that is dominating, hogs the remote, expects to be waited on hand and foot, won't let him record any of his shows, and always has to be an hour early everywhere she goes. Luck you married Melissa!

I also wanted to say what a beautiful bride Melissa makes. She gets her good looks from her father, of course. I also wanted to tell her what a great guy she picked and how proud I am of her. 

(This is about when I lost it, as did Momma Otter and my beautiful Aunt K. ;))

Earlier this week, I text Phil and told him I'd been cleaning my double barrel and he asked if it was to enforce the no return policy. I explained that no, it was to make sure the transaction takes place. I told him it was a foot warmer, if he got cold feet and ran, the first barrel would run him back around. The second would paralyze him long enough so he could slobber the 'I do'.

Anyway, everyone eat, drink, and have a great time.

Also, I wanted to let all the women that were asking that yes, I am single and my wife says she has my bags packed and ready."

And like that, Daddy Otter's speech was over. Tears were wiped, lots of glasses were clinked, and it was time to eat. Food, finally! And food was necessary for all the dancing that was about to go down...

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