Saturday, July 6, 2013

Otterly in Love: The Middle Part

Where did we leave off? Oh, yes... I remember, we were FINALLY (!!!) married! I couldn't believe that after a 16 month engagement, lots of checks, details, and emotional moments, we were actually married. I talked a lot throughout planning about our the private moments we wanted to have, (including our first look!) but one I didn't talk too much about was a few moments alone after the ceremony.

As we recessed inside, we went back into the bridal suite where we hid out prior to the ceremony for a few minutes alone. 

We actually got criticized (by a family member, no less!) about taking these private moments but if I could plan it all again, I would build in even more of them! It was so special to have a little time to ourselves throughout such a hectic, love-filled day - I can't recommend them enough! This first one was arguably one of my favorites as we were so, so excited to have just gotten married, and Mr. O finally had a ring of his own!

(All photos by Stacy Able Photography.)

Mr. O finally had a ring, too!

We got to talk about our ceremony and how wonderfully it turned out; we couldn't believe it was already over.

Soon, Blondesquared came in to bustle my dress. I have to tell you, hive, I couldn't have made it through this wedding without her!

After we had our alone time and my dress was bustled, we went back into the main part of the house to sign our marriage license. Choosing who to ask to sign our (decorative) license was one of the easiest choices I made throughout planning. Like I said, I could've never made it through this process without Blondesquared, so it was obvious that I would ask my best friend to sign it. She was the oldest friend I had in the wedding party, and the one I leaned on the most throughout. For Mr. O, the choice was pretty easy too - BM Batman was one of our mutual, oldest friends.

Blondesquared and Batman get silly when a camera comes out. :) 

Hey, we did it! We're married!

After we signed the license, it was time for us to join the rest of the group. I was beyond excited to see a few guests who had previously said they couldn't make it; it meant so much to me that they came for the ceremony!

And then! *evil gesture* I went back and forth a lot on how the wedding party should enter the reception. I didn't want anyone to have to full on dance their way in, but I also didn't want to just walk in, so where did that leave us? Obviously with me picking a ridiculous song for everyone to enter to!

GM Lil Dude (aka: my brother) looks pretty excited about our entrance. :)

We hammed it up as we entered (no surprise here!), and then it was time for our first dance...

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