Monday, September 24, 2012

We placed an order...

for our STDs! (If you laughed, don't worry - I did too!)

But really - we ordered our save the date cards! I had been wrestling a little with when we should actually send the cards because, as anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, everybody has an opinion and all of them are different. I decided early on that we would send our invitations mid-January. Sending them then would ensure they didn't get tossed out over the holidays, and it would give our OOT guests plenty of time (right around four months) to plan their travel and hotel stay.

But that left me with another question - when is an appropriate time to send our STDs? I thought that six months would be a good timeframe, which means I need to send them in October. Umm... it's already October!? Boom, another reality check for me! Between ordering the STDs, waiting on them to arrive, AND addressing them all, I came to the realization that I needed to order them like yesterday. So order them I did.

I decided to go with Vistaprint*, in place of MOO cards. When it came right down to it, I had to consider that most people aren't going to actually KEEP our STDs. More than likely they're going to note the date somewhere and then toss them. So we went with Vistaprint. One side is our STD, the other has lines for me to write the address and use our fancy pants return address stamp (details on that coming soon!).

Our total for the STDs came out to $114 for 200 cards (and envelopes, not that I plan to use them) - a great price!

Now, I'm not going to reveal our STDs until they're actually dropped in the mail, but I will reveal the two designs that we didn't use. (And trust me - it wasn't an easy choice!)

Just look at those beauties! It was very difficult to choose one of the three designs that Valerie sent over. And yes, for those of you who are observant - that is the same Valerie that is doing our photos!

So now - for some advice, when did you send your STDs? And... I'm afraid to ask... but how long did it take you to address them? 

* I have no affiliation with either of the aforementioned companies, I chose Vistaprint of my own free will and paid full price for our STDs.
** And for anyone wondering, Mr. Otter's name only has 1 L. That was fixed before I ordered them. ;) 

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