Monday, September 17, 2012

Ring Talk - Part 2

So we already talked about Mr. Otter's potential ring - I was surprised at the insane price difference! Now let's talk about my pretty, shall we!? :)

* All photos are personal (thus the quality... sigh.)

This is my pretty, pretty baby. Now, unlike some people - I can't tell you anything about this ring other than the price and (obviously!) the story of how I got it. I have no idea how many carats I have or how big the diamond is. In fact, I didn't know the total price until I took over opening the mail. (I won't say why... but there may be someone in this household that brings the mail in, sets it on the counter and never touches it again. Again, I won't say who... but only two of us live here.)

So I guess according to most, I'm a little backwards in that I know the price and not any of the details. Oh well! 

But moving on: the band. Prior to purchasing the rings, I had about a million ideas in what I wanted in my ring. First I wanted one of the bands to be a different metal - vetoed, because we all knew I would get tired of it. Then I wanted one of the bands to cross - again, vetoed, because I realized no matter what kind of rings I got (exception being custom rings, of course) that the two rings would never sit flush against each other. Finally, I decided to go with the matching band to my engagement ring.

It's not as yellow as I photographed it - bad photo!

But even with the gorgeous rings (!!!) there are still decisions to be made. The big one? To solder or not to solder.

The pro is obviously that my rings would be permanently fixed in the perfect, aligned position. The cons are more numerous. There would be damage to my ring, and once you put them together, you can't ever really get them apart. Another issue - I know some people choose to wear their rings separately on occasion. I don't foresee myself doing that any other time than being pregnant and even at that, I wouldn't wear the band alone because it's cut to match the e-ring.

BUT... that's a big foreseeable thing - because I do see us having babies. So if I'm pregnant and my rings are soldered, they may not be wearable. A big concern for me since we're paying quite a chunk of change for my beauties.

More cons than pros, but of course that doesn't mean I can make up my mind! ;) If you have an e-ring and band, what did you choose to do? Solder or not? 

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