Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My first meltdown

So... a while back, I told everyone there was a post "coming soon" about my first bridal meltdown. I made it until June (remember, we got engaged in November) before I truly freaked out about anything but when I did, I definitely freaked out.

See, here's what went down. I found these FABULOUS shoes. Really, they were stunning. I wouldn't take my word for it either so here you go, these are the shoes that I just had to have:

Image via Polyvore / Aldo Lafera in suede / no longer on their website :(

So anyway - I thought, okay, the girls are going to be wearing all different dresses, but wouldn't matching shoes look great? My concern was that if I left the shoe situation wide open, I would end up with TOO much variety. I mean, I want the girls to feel like themselves and feel like they look stunning (which they all already are, of course) but I didn't want someone to decide glitter pumps would be a good idea. Instead, I took it upon myself to ask that everybody head to Aldo and purchase the shoe. (And yes, if you're wondering, I did purchase those lovely shoes myself as well.)

Shoe decision made! Easy! We decided to go as a group (sans MOH Cubbie, since she lives in Florida) to purchase the shoes - this way, there could be no error in shoe choice, no salesperson encouraging them to go for the patent instead - basically, I just wanted to supervise the purchase of the shoes. Creepy? Maybe. But it was a good thing I went.

As the ladies tried on the shoe in different colors (because there weren't any of the tan left) we discovered that they were out of size 5 shoes. *crickets* BM Lails needed a size 5. This is when I started to get a little distraught. Then the salesgirl tried to take FSIL/BM T to the register to purchase her shoes....

At that point, I'm pretty sure I very nearly pulled an Exorcist move with my entire body. WHY, oh why, would FSIL/BM T order shoes if you don't have the same shoes for the other person in the wedding party!? (I had ordered mine online before sending them to my girls, so I was all set.) We had already explained that it was a wedding party, and that I wanted everyone to match... so I didn't understand why she was pushing BM T to go order the shoes.

Cat image created on I Can Haz Cheezeburger / I added the commentary. ;)

There. I said it. Or that crazy kitty did. Same thing. I had a mini-breakdown. The salesgirl offered to call around to see if they could locate the shoes somewhere (they were sold out online, of course) and BM Lails gave the woman her contact information in case they tracked the shoes down in her size. Then the girl again asked if FSIL/BM T wanted to order shoes again. I'm pretty sure that was the point I said something about matching and then we just left the store.

After several days with no call, I finally gave up and chose a different (but almost exact copy) of that shoe. Everyone got their shoes and all was well. But boy, I was upset at first. I think it was less about the actual shoes and more about the fact that, though we had made what we wanted pretty clear, she kept trying to sell us on something different.

Did anybody else have a moment over something ridiculous? I know I'm not the only one so come on, fess up!

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