Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day of Transportation

Okay Hive - let's chat about transportation. This is a subject that, during my short time interning at a wedding venue, I saw overlooked COUNTLESS times! People would be at the rehearsal the night before trying to figure out who would take the fall and be the DD for those who drank throughout the night.

Now, while we won't have that issue (still planning on no alcohol at the wedding, as of now), we definitely will need some from of transportation for the big day. Actually... we may need MULTIPLE forms of transportation.

Here's why: the girls and I will be staying at a hotel the night before the wedding, and we'll be getting ready there for the day. The guys are going to be staying (as far as I know) at our apartment and then getting ready when they're actually at the venue; let's face it, I can totally see these boys getting dirty in the ten minute car ride from our apartment over to the venue. :) So we'll definitely need either a giant bus for the girls and two cars for the guys, or three cars for the girls and two for the guys. That's a lot of carpooling!

But throughout this thinking process, one thing came to mind - no limo. Now, if this is your favorite thing - go for it! By all means! But when we take photos with our car, I wanted it to be something different and unique.

.......And then I saw the always lovely Mrs. Fox talk about her transportation. A BUS! How cool is that!? 

Image via Mrs. Fox \ Photo by Exclamation Imagery

So now, I'm thinking a bus. Or at least something equally as cool to the bus. Because after our first look, we'll be doing something similar to Mrs. Fox and her group (depending on how set up at the venue is going) to move around and take photos at different locations.

For our getaway... well, that's still up in the air, but my brother and dad have quite the collection of Camaros, so it's only fair that they share, right!? ;) 

What kind of transportation did you use for your wedding? If you decided to carpool, did it go off without a hitch?

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