Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ring Talk - Part 1

Ah, rings. Before I talk about my bling again (and trust me - it's killing me to wait!) - let me tell you something about the groom's ring vs. my ring - the price difference was insane. While we browsed men's rings when we looked at engagement rings, we didn't look at PRICE TAGS. So we were very pleasantly surprised to see the price tags on the men's rings.

The designs though... let's just say some of those weren't our style.

If one of these rings is the one for you - awesome! They definitely aren't Mr. Otter's style. He has a way more laid back personality and enjoys clothing that is more timeless than up with the trends. (The man would dress in a suit DAILY if he could.) That's what lead us to these rings as possible options for him:

These rings? Both less than $200. Crazy! Especially in comparison so my much more expensive set.

What do you think about groom's rings? And another question - did you take your groom to try on rings? I know we'll have to for sizing, but do they do the same as women and try on different styles?

* All photos here courtesy of Kay Jewelers

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