Tuesday, September 11, 2012


^ Yes, this totally deserves all caps.

Here's a fun question: what do you do when you're planning a wedding (along with, you know, living a life which involves paying bills, saving for a home and future children, etc.) and you lose your job?

Well, if you're me - you look something like this...

Image via The Young Female Professional / Except I would be blonde and crying along with that rage face, obviously. 

...and then I declared that I was canceling the wedding. (An important note, not canceling the wedding as in not getting married, just making it considerably smaller or getting married at the courthouse instead.) I called my mom to tell her that I was canceling the wedding, and she told me that I wasn't. I also was double-teamed by Mr. Otter and my momma, telling me not to make any rash decisions so quickly after finding out that I lost my job.

So... that sums up how a not-so-long-ago day of mine went. To clarify what happened: I made the decision to stay in Indiana and not move to where the company is, and for that reason, my former job is no longer mine. It (thankfully) was not an issue of my work ethic, but rather that a company culture was being built, and I wasn't there to be a part of it.

Now that I've had the time to think things over and clear my mind, it has really given me some great perspective in that, I'm so incredibly fortunate to be having a wedding at all! A wedding, while often accompanied by a party, is more importantly about the marriage. Losing my job has been a set back financially, but it doesn't change that I have a wonderful man in my life that will soon be my husband. So while I'm fortunate for the celebration of the wedding, I'm even more fortunate for the marriage to Mr. Otter. :)

Did you go through a tough time financially while you were planning your own wedding? Tell me about it - and how you stayed sane - I could definitely use the advice!

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