Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting Dressed: The Men

Today I'm talking about THE MEN (I want to make them feel important, hence the all caps. ;) Ha!) and their attire today.

So we definitely have a plan: dark grey and light grey. Grey is Mr. Otter's favorite color, so we already decided that he would be wearing grey at the wedding. I want to differentiate the fathers from the groom + his guys, so we decided the light and dark would be the best way to go. 

We're thinking something like this for the groom + guys. 

Image via OneWed / Photo by Brett and Jessica
Something more like this for the dads.

Image via OneWed / Photo by Rebekah Westover Photography
Ending up with something like this for the guys as a group! (Except they'll all be wearing jackets, as of now...) This would be a great contrast, and it will make the dads stand out from anyone else who chooses to wear a suit for the wedding!

The guys are going to be easy - the only thing to figure out are the shoes. What do you think? Should we go casual or dressy for the shoes?

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